Job Descriptions

The following is a list of basic job descriptions (JDs) for common positions in an emergency response office.  Use these as a starting point for your own job descriptions.

None of these will be perfect as they are.  You will have to read them and change them to fit your situation.  A Job Description Template can be found here.

Each link below will download a Word document you can edit.

General Administration




Travel Coordinator


         Admin Officer – Procurement

                  Procurement Officer – English

                       –  Procurement Officer – Arabic

                       –  Procurement Officer – French

                       –  Procurement Officer – Spanish

Procurement Assistant

Procurement Agent


Warehouse Manager

Warehouse Officer

Warehouse Information Officer

Warehouse Cleaner

Vehicle Management

Transport Officer

Driver Mechanic



Finance Manager

Finance Manager – EMECA

Regional Finance Officer

Senior Finance Officer

Deputy Finance Manager

Finance Officer 1

Finance Officer 2

Programming – General

        Field Manager 1

        Field Manager 2

        Project Officer 1

        Project Officer 2

        Senior Project Officer

        Project Manager 1

        Project Manager 2

        Program Manager

Programming – Technical

Shelter & Water, Hygiene and Sanitation (WASH)

Hygiene Promoter PM1

Community Liason Officer

Construction Project Manager

Engineering Controls Manager

Engineering Team Manager

Field Engineer

GIS Analyst

GIS Officer

Infrastructure Construction Manager

Project Control Manager

Quality Control Manager

Shelter and Settlement PM

Shelter Construction Manager

Shelter & WASH PM2

Site Safety Coordinator

WASH Construction Manager



Regional Manager

Head of Office

Head of Programs

Senior Operations Officer

Head of Operations

Operations Manager

Operations Officer 1

Operations Officer 2

Admin Officer – HR

Admin Officer – General

Information Technology (IT)

Manager, Regional ICTS

ICT Specialist

IT Officer 1

IT Officer 2


Compliance Officer 1

Compliance Officer 2

Senior Compliance Officer