Use Country Program Forms and Procedures

You should always start with the systems and forms the country program already uses. Get copies of all their manuals, forms, and procedures.

You should also have a senior level contact in each main office administrative department on whom you can rely for advice and assistance.  Ultimately, they will be overseeing the departments you are setting up, so make sure they are helping direct how things go from the beginning.  (It’s even better if they can also send some of their experienced staff to help you get things set up.)

If there is no country program, or if they don’t have a system in place for one of the following topics, you can use the systems outlined below.  But make sure that the CP and region know what you are doing.

Administrative Systems Sections

    1. What can you approve?  Approval authority templates
    2. Cash Management
    3. Travel Coordination
    4. Inventory Management
    5. Mobile Phone Credit Management
    6. Generator Management
    7. HR Administrative Systems
        1. Timesheets
        2. Scheduling Guards and Drivers
        3. Overtime
        4. Payroll
        5. Filing Systems