TDY & Staffing Needs

Will our response lead to a significant need for increased Operations staffing (is our program value expected to grow by more than 50%, are we opening a new field office, having complex supply chain, significant recruitment working with new/inexperienced partners)? Does the context require changes or new HR polices for Per Diem, Hazard Pay and/or R&R?

  • Quickly Identify/define additional Operations staff needs and develop a staffing plan and ensure Key Operations positions are filled at all time – Operations staff needs identification shall be performed by senior staff (HoOps / CR / DRDMQ / RD).
  • Draft Org chart to ensure Operations functions are adequately staffed (finance, administration, logistics, fleet management, HR, IT, procurement, partner support / secondment). Update regularly the Org chart.
  • Fill in identified Operations staff positions immediately (int’l and national level) with TDYers/Consultants (through TDYers from the Region, HRD, HRD Roster) while recruitment is initiated for longer team needs (See EFOM for JDs, HRD can help with TDYers/Consultants, identifying staff needs, Recruitment – See HRD Points of Contact).
  • Change/adjust Operational staff roles and responsibilities to ensure best possible operational efficiency (this may include changes in supervision/ reporting structures and temporary loaning of staff between departments).
  • Modify recruitment processes for greater speed: start recruitment before funding is approved; develop and post generic JDs for core functional positions – even if the structure and exact staffing needs are not yet finalized; adjust types of contracts as needed; shorten posting period. Don’t bypass testing!
  • Modify and / or develop temporary R&R, Compensation Day, Hazard Post and/or Per Diem policies by referring to the Emergency Response Employee Benefits Policy (Developed by CP, reviewed by RD/HRD Vice President, approved by EVP OO and HR) HRD can also help in temporary policy development as needed.