Hiring Step 12: Assess Candidates & Make Decision


Make a decision on the best candidate, and show why you made the decision.

How to Do This:

      1. Before the interviews, give each interviewer a Candidate Evaluation Sheet. This sheet should be prepared ahead of time.
      2. As you finish each interview, have each person fill out the row for the person you just interviewed.
      3. When all interviews are finished, you will have three completed evaluation forms with a score for each interviewee. Sit with the interview team and review together these sheets to make a decision.
          1. If the scoring clearly shows who the strongest candidate is, verify that everyone is in agreement.
          2. If the scoring does not give a clear answer, use the scoring sheets as a basis of discussion among the group and come to a decision.
      4. Pick a second choice candidate after choosing the top candidate.
      5. Document the committee’s decision on the candidates by indicating the choices on each sheet and signing them.
      6. Give the documents to the HR staff or admin staff who are handing HR. That person should file them in the recruiting file for this position and then move on to check the references.

Next Step:

Step 13:  Check the references of your top candidates.