Food & Medicine


CRS has a special manual for managing food commodities, the Food Assistance Commodity Management Manual (FACMM).   You can get that manual in one of two ways.

  1. Download the latest version from Global:  Food Assistance Commodity Management Manual (FACMM) (Global password needed)  It’s a 3 MB download, so make sure your connection can handle it.  French and Spanish translations are also available (also large downloads!).
  2. Access the copies attached locally, in three parts.  These links are local, you will not need a connection to the internet.


FACMM, pp 1 – 29

FACMM, pp 30 – 60

FACMM, pp 61 – 126


FACMM-pp-1-20 – FR

FACMM-pp-21-90 – FR

FACMM-pp-91-124 – FR


FACMM-pp-1-29 – SP

FACMM-pp-30-100 – SP

FACMM-pp-101-153 – SP

If you are dealing with food, you should use that manual.

Medicine and Medical Supplies

This manual also does not cover specialized requirements of managing medical supplies.  These are governed by specific donor regulations, national medical safety rules, and industry standards.

For purchasing and storage of general medical supplies, please consult with the national health authorities for guidelines and national health policies, regulations and standards.

Consult with the Deputy Regional Director for Management Quality in your region for guidance on the logistics management of products not covered in this document.