Office and Guest House Shopping Lists

Click the links below to download lists of

  1. Basic Office Furniture & Equipment
  2. Basic Office Supplies
  3. Basic Guest House Furniture & Equipment
  4. Basic Guest House Supplies

Any of these lists can be used as a checklist for planning, or as the basis for a Purchase Requisition.

“Equipment” means durable items, things that are used for a long time (desks, refrigerators)

“Supplies” means consumables, things that run out (printer paper, soap).

We’ve given each of the pieces of equipment on the lists an estimated priority (1, 2, or 3).  This is our guess, based on experience, of how quickly you’ll want to get these things.  Your priorities might be different, of course, but you can sort the lists on these numbers for easier reading (and then change them, if you wish).

Estimate the amount of the furniture, equipment and supplies needed from the projected organization chart for the new office.

If you find from your information gathering that basic equipment and supplies will not be available in the field location, consider placing an order for a first round of furniture and equipment at the main office.  You can even do this before you leave for the field. 

If time is a problem, the main office could also consider sending materials they have on hand in the main or other offices and replacing them with the items ordered for the field office.

Keep in mind:

    1. Order extra toner with printers and copiers.  For all printing/photocopying equipment, order an initial three month supply of toner/ink and send it to the field site with the equipment.
    2. The office should have at least two printers, at least one of which should be a network printer.