Local Purchase Approval Exemptions

Purchasing policy states that country programs must have all purchases of $5,000 or more reviewed and approved by HQ before making the purchase.  This is called a Local Purchase Approval – click for information about getting a temporary exemption from this during an emergency response.

However, the following types of items and services do not require this step.  You can go ahead and purchase these things locally, even if the purchase is $5,000 or more, without seeking the approval of HQ.

    1. Farm animals:  Sheep, cows, horses, chickens, goats, etc.
    2. Construction materials and services:  Construction, plumbing, and electrical materials and services (e.g. cement blocks, lumber, electrical installation, plumbing materials)
    3. Office furniture:  Desks, chairs, sofas, room dividers, etc.
    4. Vehicle repairs:  Local repair and maintenance of motor vehicles
    5. Transport services:  Local transport of materials for distribution
    6. Telephone networks:  Repair and maintenance of local land line services or intra-office communications systems (PABX systems)
    7. Miscellaneous local contracts:  Contracts for security, printing, milling, storage services, etc.

You do still have to follow all the proper bidding and bid review procedures to make sure that prices are in line with local market prices.

And you must document these purchases just as you would any other, of course.