Somalia, Sudan, Burma, Syria, Cuba, Iran, JWBG, & North Korea

If you are working in any of these countries, the country representative should call Miranda Russell in the Office of Legal Counsel right away.   If there is no CR, the Emergency Team Leader should make the contact.

Miranda Russell

Phone:         +1-410-951-7542

Email:           [email protected]

Skype:          N/A

You must talk to the Office of Legal Counsel in HQ before making any purchases from; or sending any money, technology, or communications devices to the country at all.  There are special US Government laws that we must follow because these are countries that have been sanctioned by the US Government.

The laws involve buying things from, sending them to, and/or using money in these countries.  And they apply to ALL MONEY WE SPEND, not just the money we get from the US Government.

These issues are serious and complicated.  It is best to bring in the experts as soon as possible.