Hiring International Staff

Your Staffing Plan and Organization Chart exercises may show that you need to hire international staff person for the medium- to long-term. This page will help you do that.

You will work closely with HQ HR on all international hiring. In fact, they will do a lot of the work for you.

HQ recruiting outlines the process on CRS Global at on this Global page (You’ll need your Global user name and password to access it). The page “provides resources to assist you with position management, creating a requisition, job description criteria, and interview questions and techniques.”

For your convenience, we’ve included what we can from the CRS Global HR page we linked above.

Note that the recruiting system they reference in these documents is electronic. You have to sign on to Global to access it. However, the documents we’ve included here have pictures of the online documents, so you can at least prepare your answers before signing on, or dicate answers to someone over the phone.

Documents for Recruiting International Staff

    1. International Recruiting Process, High-Level Overview
    2. International Recruiting Process Map
    3. International Job Description Format and Guidance
    4. International Position Number Request Form
    5. International Recruiting, Create a New Requisition