This section addresses receiving, storing and sending non-food and non-medical items.  (For resources on food and medicines, click here).

This section of the manual is meant to cover warehousing basics only.  If our response will be very large and warehouse-heavy, you should find and bring in logistics specialists who will manage things for you.  This attached document – Sources of Temporary Staff – will give you some idea of where to find those people.  And this manual will get you through until you can get them in place.

Additionally, please take some time to review this short presentation which discusses Supply Chain Management and common challenges one may encounter in emergency contexts.

Please find the PowerPoint of this presentation for training purposes


  1. Basic information on finding and setting up a simple warehouse,
  2. An Organization Chart and Job Descriptions for a basic team
  3. Lists of the the equipment and forms the team will need,
  4. Procedures for
    1. Receiving items into a warehouse
    2. Storing those items at the warehouse, and
    3. Sending items from the warehouse to where they will be used, and finally,
  5. Information about Recording and Reporting warehouse information to the team.