Access & Security Restraints

Have we taken into account any access and/or security constraints?

  • Meet with knowledgeable organizations before traveling / when arriving to new locations to gather security and access information (local NGOs, Church Officials, Other INGOs, NGO association or coordination bodies, UN Agencies, Government agencies) (See Questions to ask before you go).
  • Make sure our operations are integrated into a larger security platform that is managed by relevant stakeholders (may vary by country – government, UN, NGO security forum and/or Caritas network) and identify a security focal point to attend security coordination meetings.
  • Ask for access and security information from local community / partners while traveling to new areas or areas with difficult road conditions.
  • Ensure that the CP has an updated Field Security Plan (FSP) that considers new access and security created by the emergency, and that all staff have reviewed. This may include the need for SOPs for travel approval/communications during travel.
  • Contact RMSS ([email protected]) for security related support and guidance.