Personnel Files

As you sign a contract with a new employee, create an individual personnel file for that person.

Label and organize the files by:  Family Name, Given Name.

Include the following items in that file.

    1. Job Description, signed by the new employee
    2. CV or Resume
    3. Offer letter (if any)
    4. Signed contract
    5. Signed code of conduct
    6. Any income tax or other kind of tax documents that we need to have
    7. Copy of National ID card, if they have them where you are working
    8. List of dependents covered by health insurance, if applicable
    9. Beneficiary for life insurance, if applicable
    10. Copy of Driver’s License (for drivers)
    11. Orientation checklist (filled out)
    12. Performance plan (eventually)
    13. Timesheets (check with the CP to see where they file timesheets)
    14. Leave requests

This will only be the beginning of each personnel file. We have listed here only the items you are likely to be dealing with at the beginning of an emergency response. You can find a checklist for all the items that you could have in a personnel file by clicking here:  Checklist – Personnel File Docs.