Office Tent

Tents intended for office use need to be large enough to accommodate all anticipated personnel and should be heavy-duty construction to withstand local weather. Peak height should be minimum 2.5 meters.

Procurement location:  Procure locally if high quality standard can be assured, otherwise source regionally or via HQ.

Oxfam code:   ALT/3

5×5.5×2.5 meter office tent:

office tent

Item Packaging Weight Dimensions Volume Costs
5 x 5.5 x 2.5 m tent 1 bag 129 kg 240 x 48 x 38 cm 438L $1,400


Frame Galvanized steel tubes
Tent material 50/50 polycotton waterproof and anti-rot, white
Mud flaps Polyester covered PVC, 550 g/m

Tent should have opening that can be closed from outside and inside and adequate tethers to secure to pegs.


  • Carrying bag with handles
  • Complete tent
  • Club hammer
  • Pegs