Operations Systems ERRWR

Will our response require changes / adjustments in Operations systems?

Review current Operations systems ability of meeting increased demands, Review:

  • Petty Cash policies,
  • Authorization Matrix,
  • Threshold level for approval,
  • Threshold for 1213,
  • Threshold for bid committee,
  • Threshold for 3 quotations,
  • Threshold for sealed bids,
  • Number of signature for requisition,
  • Number of signature for payment request,
  • Setting up OCH or changing OCH thresholds,
  • Threshold for Short term operating advance (particularly relevant for Cash base programming)

(List what can be adjusted with CR and RD approval only while remaining within CRS Global Standards. Most adjustments are related to Authorization Matrix, CP Procurement Manual / Annexes documents).

  • If agency global thresholds are too restrictive to support program needs, consider need for and submit Waiver for CRS Global Procurement Policies / internal control, local purchase waiver (see Procurement Manual – ERRWR template – (validity period of 90 days; resubmit to extend period; consider using earlier date for waiver activation if needed)
  • Request a waiver to allow a person to have multiple 1213 advances at once, if many cash payments ongoing. Requires Director Overseas Finance approval (request to go from CR to RD/DRD MQ and then to Director Overseas Finance).
  • Establish/hold emergency cash for use in the event of evacuation (need to immediately pay staff salaries), risk of loss of access to banks? Requires CR and RD approval and should be coded as 1213.