For the Team Leader

We want to make this as easy as possible for you, so…

If you have not done so already, please refer to the  Emergency Response Operations Set-Up Checklist (EROS). The EROS guides decision makers at country and regional levels to make informed decisions on critical Operations related issues during the first 2 to 3 weeks following a disaster. The checklist questions focus on key actions and considerations to speed up implementation, while maintaining compliance with agency policies and procedures.

Referenced in the EROS is the Emergency Rapid Response Waiver Request (ERRWR) which is of critical importance to activate in most situations as often agency global thresholds are too restrictive to support program needs. The validity period of the ERRWR is 90 days, after which the CP can resubmit to extend the period – consider using earlier date for waiver activation if necessary.

PLEASE NOTE:  This waiver issue is separate from the regulations regarding OFAC and BIS countriesAny transactions, of any amount, involving those countries can be done only after consulting with the Office of Legal Counsel at HQ.

We point you towards the people who can help you deal with the critical issue of the US government sanctions on some countries.

We’ve listed the tasks as well as the structure and job descriptions of a typical purchasing office so you can set up your own.  We’ve also included tips and tricks for doing purchasing reasonably well without a purchasing department.

Keep in mind that, during an emergency response, a country program can consider reviewing and making reasonable changes to normal procurement control activities in order to respond more efficiently.

Finally, we’ve included three management challenges you will face and the messages you should give to (and model for) staff to meet these challenges.

You can find Process Outlines, Forms, and instructions in other places in this resource.  We hope that you can give those to your staff to help them understand and carry out their portion of the purchasing process with relatively little hassle.