Delivering and Managing Payments

5.1 Procedures for Making Cash Payments

Section 7: Cash Transfer Payments to Beneficiaries (& Vendors) – looks at the process and various modalities of transferring money to beneficiaries and vendors.

a) Bank transfers – flow chart

b) Mobile Money – flow chart

c) Pre-Paid ATM/ debit cards – flow chart

d) Remittances – flow chart

e) 3rd party transfers (Hawalah, traders) – flow chart

f) Checks – flow chart

g) Cash-in-Envelopes (distribution by hand) – flow chart

5.2 Procedures for Electronic Voucher

 Section 9:  Electronic Voucher Procedures Coming Soon

5.3 Procedures for Paper Vouchers & Fairs

Section 4: Procuring and Printing (Paper Vouchers Only) describes the process of voucher procurement and printing.

Section 5: Handling Vouchers and Debit Cards  As vouchers and cards are treated like cash, the process of handling printed vouchers and debit cards is described in this section

Section 6: Payments to Vendors (Voucher Programs Only) focuses specifically on the sales record and invoice process as well as the verification and payment steps