Recruiting Files

As soon as you get a Personnel Requisition approved and the vacancy numbered, create a file for the recruiting effort.

Label and organize the recruiting files by vacancy number.

Include the following items in each recruiting file.

    1. Job Description (JD)
    2. Approved personnel requisition form
    3. Ranked criteria for decision-making
    4. Job Announcement
    5. List of places you advertised the position
    6. CV/Resume log, paper and printed from email box
    7. Short list of candidates tested
    8. Each test taken
    9. Interview Sheets, signed by interviewers
    10. Candidate evaluation sheets, signed by the evaluators
    11. References for all candidates for which you checked references.

You can download this list as a checklist by clicking here:  Recruiting File Checklist

When you’ve finished the recruiting process and hired a staff person, you’ll create a Personnel File for the new hire.