Mosquito Nets – Specifications

Only Long Lasting Insecticidal Nets (LLIN) should be used. These nets do not need retreatment during their expected life span (3-5 years). Only LLINs that have been approved by WHO and/or USAID (depending on donor) should be procured. WHO has approved 11 brands, of which USAID has approved seven. USAID will not cover the costs of other nets procured not on this list. If USAID is a potential donor, even retroactively at a later date, only USAID approved nets should be approved.

WHO and USAID approved LLINs:

Brand Manufacturer
DawaPlus® Tana Netting
Duranet® Clarke Mosquito Control
Interceptor® BASF
Netprotect® Bestnet Europe (Intection)
Olyset® Sumitomo Chemical
PermaNet 2.0® Vestergaard Frandsen
PermaNet 3.0® Vestergaard Frandsen

WHO approved LLINs (not approved by USAID):

Brand Manufacturer
MAGNet® Clarke Mosquito Control
Royal Sentry® BASF
Yorkool® LN Bestnet Europe (Intection)

This list is subject to change. WHO approved list can be accessed at For USAID approved list, check latest USAID guidelines.

The size of the nets procured should be determined by the expected use and number needed by beneficiaries, depending on household size and sleeping habits of the local population. For example, in some places, it may be appropriate to use two large or extra large nets – one for adults and one for children. This should be determined in consultation with beneficiaries. Standard sizes are given below in shipping details.

Procurement location: Nets should be procured locally only if origin source can be determined and if one or more of the above listed approved brands are available. Otherwise procure regionally.

Shipping and cost details: Shipping details will vary by size of net

Item Packaging Weight (Ind.) Dimensions# per 20’ container Volume (Ind.) Costs (Ind.)
Medium Net – 130x180x150cm Bundles 75-100 each .386kg 22,000 1.5L $6
Large Net – 160x180x150cm Bundles 75-100 each .444kg 20,000 1.7L $6.50
X-Large Net – 190x180x150cm Bundles 75-100 each .49kg 18,000 1.9L $8.75
Circular Net –d1050cmxh220cm Bundles 75-100 each 1kg 9,500 3.58L $15

Depending on source, nets will usually be shipped in bundles of 75-100.