Hiring Step 14: Do a Security Check


Policy states we must run a security check on all employees before we hire them.

How to Do This:

    1. Ask the country program senior management who is responsible for doing these checks. If there is no CP, ask the DRD MQ.
    2. Send the candidate’s name, address and national ID number (if the candidate has one) to the person who does the checks.
    3. The person will send back a clearance. (It is very rare that people are not cleared.  However, if it turns out that a candidate cannot be cleared, you cannot offer that person a job.  This is why this step must be done before saying anything to candidates about the results of the interviews and tests.)
    4. File the clearance in the recruiting file for now, and once the person comes on board, put a copy in the personnel file too.

Next Step:

Step 15: Determine what you will offer the candidate