This page deals with receiving items at a Warehouse.  For receiving deliveries at the Office or Guest House, click here.  

When we Receive items, we take full responsibility for those items and their use.  From that point on we must be able to account for:

  1. Where they are,
  2. How we have used them, or
  3. How we have disposed of them. 

Also, if the items are something we have purchased from a vendor, we will pay for the items only after we have Received them and verified that what we requested and were billed for is exactly what we got.

So, when items arrive at our office or warehouse,

  1. We count them
  2. We inspect them, and
  3. We make sure they are what we were expecting to get,
  4. We document their quantity and quality in our records,
  5. We put them where we will store them, and
  6. We let the appropriate people know they have arrived.

This process applies to any and all items that arrive at the office or warehouse.  Click on one of the links below for more details of the steps in this process.

  1. Before the Delivery
  2. During the Delivery
  3. After the Delivery