Draft an Organization Chart

As you complete your first staffing plan and start to bring people in, it is critical that everyone on the team understands who is doing what and who reports to whom.

The leaders must:

    1. Decide on a working organizational structure for the team (with the CR and/or RD),
    2. Display the structure with an Organization Chart,
    3. Inform people affected by any change in person, before announcing and posting the new chart,
    4. Announce the changes at a staff meeting, and finally,
    5. Post the chart in a very public place (or several places) in the office.

It is important to have a documented structure even if the positions and the people in them will change frequently (and they will change frequently).

However, you should also,

    1. Make sure people know that the chart is likely to change, and
    2. Make sure everyone knows which is the latest version.

See the following attachments for assistance:

Tools for Making an Organization Chart on a Computer
Org Chart Example 1, Visio, Program Support Strucutre
Org Chart Example 2, Power Point, Program & Program Support