Warehouse Equipment


In the Office (for warehouse staff away from the warehouse)

Blank Forms  Extra books of warehouse forms. The warehouse should only keep enough forms for a couple of weeks’ needs.
Filing cabinets and shelves, folders and binders

For warehouse office document filling and retrieval. All warehouse information must be supported by accounting documentation, and this documentation must be kept for audit and archiving purposes.

Computer with internet connection, printer, scanner For sending and receiving information, printing documents, scanning documents for electronic storage. 
Desks and chairs For each office staff
Telephone, fax  For communication with warehouse and with other departments


In the Warehouse

Warehouse Forms and spare blanks General ledger, waybills, GRN, stack cards, inventory forms, Daily report forms, reconditioning forms, Loss report forms, etc.
ID badges for staff and visitors.   All persons entering the warehouse must be recorded in the movement logbook and assigned a badge for the duration of their presence in the warehouse, for identification.
Lockable filing cabinet folders and binders For warehouse documents, forms, and official stamp
Computer/printer  with internet connection. For communication with main office, stock owners. Electronic record keeping.  
Cleaning equipment  Heavy-duty brooms, duster for cleaning the walls, floors and stacks.
Pallets and/or Shelves  
Empty containers, sorting/kitting/measuring  Bags, cans, boxes for reconditioning and/or kitting. Scales, scoops, tubes, bowls, etc… for measuring. Nature, size and shape depends on the types of goods stored, the required reconditioning and their intended use.
Safety equipment  Fire alarm  and firefighting equipment, other protective gear such as helmets, masks, gloves, boots, depending on the nature of the warehousing operation.
Ladder, and lifting equipment Ladder and lifting equipment for accessing higher stacks/areas.