Step 3: Fill Staffing Needs

Now that you know what needs to be done and how you will organize staff to do it, it is time to find the people you need to carry out the plan.

To fill in your Organization Chart you will use temporary and regular staff.

First days of response:  Use the staff closest at hand.  Use country program staff, then regional staff.

First couple weeks to months:  If the CP and regional staff are unavailable or when they must go back to their regular jobs, bring in other agency staff on TDY.  Look to the Emergency Response Team and the Eops Roster.  Try to get people who are experienced and can stay for at least two months.

Medium- to Long-Term:  The first two rounds of temporary staff should, while they are establishing the programs and administration, be hiring and training medium- and long-term staff.  

The earlier you can bring on permanent staff the better.  However, you should take the time you need to find the right permanent people and get them in place.

This section outlines the different types of staffing and the processes required to find and bring on both temporary and regular staff.  Advice on two issues that commonly arise when hiring national staff, can be found here.