Hire Regular Staff

As the response transpires, your leadership team will make programming decisions.  You will incorporate the implications of those decisions into the evolving Organization Chart.  As you do this, it will become clear for which positions you already have staff and which you will need to fill when the TDYs go home.  

You can hire two types of employee to fill these posts:

Regular Staff:  full-time employees hired for an indefinite time period.


Short Term Staff:  Full-time employees who are hired to work on a specific project or program and whose employment is anticipated to last one year or less.

The earlier you can get longer-term staff to replace TDYs, the better – but don’t compromise on quality.  Part of the reason you have temporary staff is to buy yourself the time to find the right regular staff.

This section gives you some guidance on the general process of hiring both national and international staff.  Since International Staff hiring is handled in HQ, this section focuses on National Staff hiring, as this is the majority of hiring you will be doing.  Advice on two issues that commonly arise when hiring national staff, can be found here.  

If there is a local CRS country program with HR staff, you should be working closely with those people for the specifics of how they accomplish these steps.   If not, work closely with the regional office.