Procurement & Prepo Stock

Will our response require significant procurement / large NFI distribution – for CRS or on behalf of our partner? 

  • Review Procurement Manuel – Section Procurement in emergency.
  • For Prepositioned Goods, please click on the following EFOM Prepositioned Goods link fora the instructions for accessing prepositioned relief supplies, such as tarps, WASH materials and Mobile Storage Units (MSUs) and more.
  • Check HRD (EFOM) for guidance/specifications for common emergency supplies and equipment (NFI and office items…)
  • Ensure transport, warehousing, logistics coordination, commodity accounting functions are adequately filled,
  • Ensure commodity tracking systems and documentation are in place (GRN, GDN, Master ledger, Bin cards.).
  • Review and adjust the types of contracts used, as necessary: contracts based on rates for services rendered, rather than fixed amounts; contracts/agreements in place with multiple vendors for a service (offer alternative if one fails); etc.