Set Up a Facility

You will almost always have to carry out at least some renovations to buildings you lease.

The first priorities are

    1. Security (see Safe and Sound) including Communications
    2. Power
    3. Water & Sanitation (e.g. latrines)

These should be followed by:

    1. Internet systems and,
    2. Construction of any necessary new buildings (or installation of mobile storage units or temporary accommodations)

Before undertaking any changes, you must make sure you have a clear, written understanding with the landlord about what changes we will make, what improvements we will leave behind, what we will take with us, and what he or she would like us to make sure to change back to its original state.  See the section on leasing.

Bring in experts in these fields (from the main office, if possible) to draw up plans, find contractors to carry out the work, and verify that it’s been done well.  If the main office doesn’t have or can’t send you their experts, ask for recommendations for contractors and skilled labor from other NGOs or the UN.

Information on purchasing services (like renovations) is in the Purchasing Section.

You will sign a Service Contract for the work to be done, as per CP contracting protocols. Use the one the CP gives you.  That will take into account any local laws.  If they don’t have one, you can use this template: Service Contract