Salary & Benefits for International Staff


We don’t handle any international staff salary issues in the field. If any international staff person has salary issues, refer him or her to HQ HR.


The two benefits issues that come up for international staff in emergencies are:

    1. R & R (“Special Rest and Relaxation Leave”).
    2. Hardship/Hazard Pay

Should you institute them? How? When? The pages we’ve linked to above give a simple explanation of each with excerpts from the policy statements, give you some factors to consider when deliberating about instituting them, and list some of the decisions and actions you must undertake in order to implement either or both.

Your role as an Emergency First Responder is to consider the situation and make a recommendation on these policies to the CR or Regional Office. You’ll then get the written approval of the CR and/or RD before implementing.

NOTE:  In an emergency, National Staff from country programs other than that of the country where the emergency occurred are considered International Staff for purposes of these two benefits. For example, if a National Staff person from Pakistan comes to assist with earthquake response in Indonesia, that Pakistani staff person receives the same R & R and Hazard/Hardship Pay as other International Staff responding to the emergency.