Step 7: Orient Staff & Get Them Started

There are two things you must do for any staff person who arrives to help with the response – no matter where that person comes from; someplace else in the CP, another CP, or from outside CRS.

  1. Give the person information.  Orient her.  When staff arrive to work on the emergency they must have information about CRS generally, our work in the country and on the emergency specifically.  In the height of an emergency you will be tempted to skip orientation.  Don’t.
  2. Get her set up in the office and guest house:  Bring her “on board.”There will be a number of tasks to carry out before and just as she joins.  These activities will get the person up and running in her job and at the guest house.  HR people call this “Onboarding
Follow the links above for details on these two tasks and tools that will help you carry them out.