Hiring Step 1: Develop Job Description


We document the job details to agree on what we are looking for and advertise that to candidates.

How to Do This:

The supervisor of the position for which we are hiring writes the job description.

    1. Obtain an existing job description for a similar position.  Possible sources of a current, similar JD are:
      1. From the hiring supervisor’s records
      2. From the CP’s HR department
      3. From the regional office
      4. From this list of basic job descriptions
    2. Review the description to make sure it matches what you need. If it doesn’t, edit it.
    3. Determine on which step of the CP’s salary scale the job belongs. Indicate this on the JD.

We’ve also attached a blank Job Description Template and the International Job Description Format and Guidance we use for international staff positions.

Next Step:

Step 2: Create a requisition and have it and the JD approved.