Trucking Bladder – Specifications

For water storage and trucking.

Item Packaging Weight Dimensions Volume Cost
6 cubic meter trucking bladder One wooden crate 96 kg 130 x 170 x 60cm 546L $1,800

Components: One bladder tank 6m3 for trucking manufactured from food quality PVC. Measuring: 4m length x 2.2m width x 0.65m high (6 tonne maximum)

Item #
Heavy-duty 50mm polyester webbing with becketed eye loops and 2 x 50mm heavy duty webbing straps (2 each end) with becketed eye loops for securing basis 14 per unit. 5
Overpressure relief valves (2 psi) automatic c/w rubber attached plug 3
3″ BSP male stub fitting (both at the same end), each fitted with 3″ BSP female gate 2
Anti chafe patches and covers 2
Groundsheet 1
Repair kit 1
Set of instructions 1
Holdall 1