Kitchen Kits – Specifications

Cooking sets should be adjusted according to local context. The below list provides a basic set for a five person household. Find below recommended specifications for material and construction of items.

When possible, procure items that can be nested as a single set to reduce transport bulk and difficulty in handling.

Exact composition of kitchen set will vary according to context. In some places, forks and table knives may be omitted. Plates may be omitted if bowls will suffice for local context.

Procurement location:  These items should be sourced locally.  However, when purchasing locally it is essential to ensure material and construction quality for all items, especially use of appropriate, food grade steel or aluminum.

Shipping and cost details:

Item Packaging Weight Dimensions Volume Cost
Kitchen kit Varies 5 kg Varies Varies $30


Item Specifications #
Food Bowl, ~ 1 Liter 200 series stainless steels of the appropriate grades for tableware items, orISO type 1.4016 (American grade 430), or ISO type 1.4301 (American grade 304) 5
Forks of Chopsticks 5
Spoon ~15cm 5
Table knife 5
Plates 5
Cup with handle, ~300ml 5
Frying pan ~2.5 L 1
Cooking pot ~5L w/ handles and lid 1
Cooking pot ~7L w/ handles 1
Kitchen knife Stainless steel blade, plastic handle 1
Wooden spoon or ladle ~30cm 1
Scouring pad for cleaning 1


All the steel grades used for manufacturing the tableware and the cookware items must be officially recommended by the steel manufacturer for such application. The kitchen set supplier will make available all the documents showing the origin of the steel, the steel manufacturer recommendations, and the appropriate control of the grade and the quality.

The steel manufacturers must be ISSF members.

Aluminum, alternative material for cooking pots and frying pan:  Aluminum type Al99,0 or above as per publication ISO 209-1 (minimum 99% aluminum). Other elements as per EN 602.