Hiring Step 9: Short List CVs


Quickly find the top five or six CVs to invite for testing.

How to Do This:

    1. Eliminate the Unqualified – Anyone who does not have minimum qualifications listed in the announcement should be eliminated from consideration.

      If the position announcement and job description clearly list the required qualifications for a job, you can begin screening CVs as soon as you start receiving them. You don’t have to wait for the vacancy closing date.

      Choose someone effective and efficient and give that person the CVs and the vacancy announcement. If possible, the screener should do his or her work in a quiet room where he or she can concentrate without disruption.

      When finished, the screener should pass all qualified resumes to the Hiring Supervisor for the position.

    2. Pick the Best from the Remaining Candidates

      As soon as the position closes and the hiring supervisor has the CVs of all the qualified candidates, he or she should use the criteria the committee listed earlier to rank CVs and select the five or six most qualified candidates.

      The hiring supervisor (or whoever made the short list) gives the rest of the committee the option of looking through the CVs themselves to see if they agree with the judgement of the hiring supervisor. However, given that this is an emergency, they might decline a review.

      If a member or members does review the CVs and disagrees with the list that the hiring supervisor submitted, the group should discuss the disagreement and come to an agreement on the list of candiates to test.

    3. Submit short list to the HR staff (or to whomever is carrying out HR functions; this could be an administrator in the early days of an emergency).

            This person invites the candidates for testing.

Next Step:

Step 10: Test the short listed candidates.