Get Temporary Staff

During the early stages of the emergency you will likely rely on staff who have suspended their regular duties to come and assist with the response. They will be returning to their normal work within a few weeks or months. These are Temporary Staff.

There are two kinds of temporary staff. Click on the links for instructions on how to bring in these people.

  • TDYs: The easiest and most common form of temporary staffing.  These are staff who come from other places around CRS.  They are on “Temporary Duty Assignments” or “TDYs.”
  • Consultants:  Less common, takes longer to arrange.  Consultants are hired from outside the agency to accomplish a well-defined task in a specific amount of time, without supervising others. This is much less common during emergencies than TDY assignments.

All temporary assignments, TDYs and Consultancies, are governed by a document called a Scope of Work (SOW).

Click the links above for instructions on how to find and bring in these types of staff.