Medium-term Organization Chart

The Team Leader (TL) and senior CP management should agree on an initial medium-term organization chart for the office (knowing that it will change).  The TL needs to know how many staff the CP envisions having there, and how quickly the office should get to that size.

The HR section of this manual discusses drafting an organization chart.  It also discusses updating the organization chart.

The field team needs information about how big the office will be and how fast it will grow for two reasons:

    1. To start recruiting.
    2. As a basis for gathering the resources they will need, like desks and beds, some of which should be ordered before they go to the field or as soon as they get there.

Once you have the draft chart, start discussing with the CP who from their staff, in addition to the team you already have, can come on TDY to temporarily fill some of the open positions while also helping you hire and train new staff.