Get Staff Started: Onboarding

When you hire a new staff person, there will be a number of things to prepare before he or she starts.  There will also be a number of things to do on that person’s first day so that the new person can get started with his or her work.

We have attached three checklists that you can use to help you think through all the things that have to be done when you bring a new person on board.

This attached workbook – New Employee Preparation Checklist – has three sheets.  

    1. The first is a list of all the things you should start doing as soon as you know that someone new will be coming.
    2. The second is a list of the things you should prepare the day before they arrive.
    3. The third is a list of things that you should do with that person on his or her first day of work.  This list includes going over the orientation materials that will help the person understand what CRS is and how we work.

You should adapt each list to your particular situation, adding items or taking them away as you need.