The ICT4E training materials are intended for staff who have been trained in ICT4E (use of devices, iFormBuilder, BarTender, and/or Zoho reports) who are leading ICT4E training activities for staff who have little to no knowledge of ICT4E.  The training materials are intended to be modified for each context, though it is suggested that the order of the sessions remain the same. Click on the link for suggested ICT4E training agendas for different capacity building needs.  The training materials found here consist of the following:

  • Facilitation guides.  Each suggested training day has an associated facilitation guide to help the trainer. The guides refer to handouts and slides.  Please note that the timing estimates on the facilitation guides were designed for an audience that is comfortable with technology (smartphones and basic IT skills); if your audience is less familiar with smartphones and computers, please add time for each session as appropriate.
  • Handouts.  Each session includes handouts for training sessions and in-class activities.
  • Presentations: Each session includes a PowerPoint presentation.

The ICT training can be broken down into 3 days:

Day 1:  Introduction to ICT4E, example uses in emergency response, and when to use it; Device orientation (for enumerators and trainers); Introduction to iFormBuilder; and Building simple forms.  These sessions offer an introduction to ICT4E and iFormBuilder.  They include an overview of the uses of ICT in the emergency context, as well as guidance on how to decide when ICT should be used in an emergency response.

Day 2: Introduction to Definition Files; Building Complex Forms; Good practices in device management; Lessons learned.  These sessions introduce methods of communication between IT and program staff and teach participants how to build more complex forms in iFormBuilder.  The include good practices in device management as well as lessons learned gained over many years of ICT4E experience in emergency programming.

Day 3:  Introduction to BarTender, Zoho reports and data privacy concerns.  These sessions focus on the basics of designing barcoded ID cards and report dashboards, as well as introduce participants to the data privacy concerns raised by electronic data collection.

Reference Materials

CRS and other agencies have done great work compiling lessons learned and best practices of ICT in emergency response.  Some of these resources can be found below:

PACT Mobile Technology Handbook 2014

Guidance – designing ICT4D solutions (July 2013)_v.1.1

CRS iFormBuilder Manual – May 2014  (Manuel de CRS iFormBuilder – Juin 2014 – in French)


Project DRIVE, DRC – ICT4D tools guide