Hiring Step 15: Determine Offer Details


Given the job and the candidate’s characteristics, determine a fair wage and benefits package to offer him or her.

How to Do This:

Determine Salary

In consultation with local or national HR staff and/or the DRD MQ, the Hiring Supervisor should select the appropriate salary from the CP’s salary scale.

When deciding on a salary, you will consider the following factors:

      1. The job description. You will have determined the level of skill required by the position as you were drafting the job description. The JD should show on which grade you put the position.

        We first grade a job, regardless of the candidate we’ve selected for the job. That is, we will only pay a cleaner up to a certain amount, even if the person we hire to do the cleaning has a PhD in physics and his past experience includes having been President of the United States. 

      2. This candidate’s experience and qualifications pertinent to the job. Compare this candidate’s experience to that of the others now doing the same or similar work. This comparison should determine which step on the scale you will put this person within the grade already assigned to the position.

        Make sure the step makes sense with respect to the salaries of the new person’s colleagues, supervisees, and supervisor.

        If there is no CP salary scale, work with the HR or administration staff, or the DRD MQ, to create one.

Determine Benefits

Where there are established CPs, benefits are generally a standard package and there will not be a need to discuss this.

However, there may be a difference in benefits for those staff hired as “short-term” staff (staff hired for less than a year).   Make sure you are giving the candidate the correct benefit information for his or her status.

If you are responding in a country where there is no established Country Program, consult the region to find out about benefit packages.

Next Step:

Step 16:  Get the CR’s or RD’s approval