Vehicle Maintenance & Repair

Vehicle maintenance management is an area that requires constant and consistent management focus.  Our vehicles represent a major investment that is critical to mission success and staff safety and security.  They must be kept in peak operating condition to keep them on the road and operating efficiently.

The Daily Vehicle Inspection Check List (English) and Français and the Vehicle Safety Equipment and Document Checklist (English) is a critical control step to ensure proper operating condition and status of the vehicle, as well as to document the presence and status of accessories (e.g., Codan radio) and special equipment (e.g., flashlights).  Completed checklists shall be submitted weekly to the VMU for review and action, and filed in the Vehicle Asset File.

In the first four weeks of an emergency response, it is important to ensure all maintenance is specifically requested in writing well ahead of time (for scheduling purposes), and approved by an authorized staff other than the requester. The Vehicle Fault Report (English) and Français can be used for that purpose.

Once / quote has been obtained from the garage, the Vehicle Work Order/Completion Certificate is used to instruct the garage to perform the required maintenance or repairs (Note: the VMS can generate a Work Order). Completed repairs and maintenance are captured in the VMS and/or documented using the Report-Equipment Maintenance & Repair.

Transfer of a vehicle to the garage will be done along with a Vehicle Hand Over-Retrieval Checklist sent to the garage with the vehicle.

The form Vehicle Maintenance Schedule and Record (English) and Français. may be used to assist in planning the vehicle maintenance schedule and record maintenance activities. The Attached document is a sample of what can be obtained from the supplier / factory (Toyota LC – 70, 76, 78, 79) maintenance schedule)

You must then file copies of all requests for maintenance, and records of completed work (including invoices), in each Vehicle’s File or Vehicle’s Asset File (originals are sent to Finance).

You should also record and report on all vehicle maintenance by vehicle (see VMS).

If your office / CP maintains a stock of vehicle spare parts visit the section on Vehicle Spare Parts Management section

More information are available on the Fleet Manager Toolkit – Vehicle Maintenance and Repair