Know Local Customs

Before selecting and setting up office or guest house, talk to your local staff and some trusted local contacts outside of CRS to find out the details of any local cultural or religious traditions that we must follow in our housing or office.

Some examples:  Is it standard to have a prayer room in the office?  If so, will we need separate prayer rooms for men and women?  Can men and women who are not married to each other live in the same building?   Same compound?  Does this apply only to locals, or to everyone?

There could be other things to be careful of as well.

If, when you know what the customs are, you are not sure about whether or not we at CRS facilities have to conform to them, conform.  It is better to spend the money on necessary renovations or a second compound than to risk creating resentment among our staff or losing the respect of the community we have come to work with.