MBRRR Project Implementation

1. MBRRR Operations Guidance for Cash Programming

Starts from the point where the decision is taken to engage in cash-based programming and will assist in determining the most appropriate modality to use in your specific context as well as the steps in implementing the process. 

2. Staffing

Including Key Staff JDs, Cash Related Competencies, Scopes of Work and Required Meetings

3. Selecting Vendors for Voucher Programs & Market Fairs

A Detailed explanation and step-by-step process of selecting Vendors for Voucher programs as per the MBRRR Operations Guidance for Cash Programming

4. Selecting & Tendering Financial Service Providers (FSP) for Cash Delivery

For FSP Tendering support, please contact your Markets Technical Advisor, [email protected] and [email protected]

5. Managing Cash Distributions (Cash in Envelopes or Distributions of ATM Cards/Debit Cards)

 Coming Soon!

6. Delivering and Managing Payments

Including Procedures for making Cash Payments, Procedures for Electronic Vouchers, Procedures for Paper Vouchers and Fairs

7. Data Management

Including Using CAT – CRS’ global cash tracking and payment management platform, Data Privacy, ICT4D/E Key Considerations, Principles for Digital Development, Principles for Digital Payments in Humanitarian Response.

8. Coordination

Including Cash Working Groups (CWG) and Cash Consortia