Before Sending

Below are the first steps in releasing anything from the warehouse.  You might be asked to send stored items to a project site, or you might just be sending something to the CRS office to be used there. Either way, the process starts with these steps

  1. The Program Manager or other Owner of materials brings an approved Stock Release Form to the Warehouse Manager.  That form has instructions on what to send, to whom, where, and when.

    Warehouse Staff will not release any goods unless they have an approved Stock Release Form.

  2. Warehouse Manager and his/her staff will:
    1. Fill out and submit a Purchase Requisition Form with the details of any transport needed (if we don’t have our own transport or a contract under which all our transport is provided).
    2. Arrange for laborers to load goods, if necessary.
    3. Contacts person who will be receiving goods on the other end to make arrangements for delivery.
    4. Prepares goods for release from warehouse (making sure to record all the proper information on the Stack/Bin Cards as they take things).

Click here for the next steps, what happens during Sending.