Hiring Step 16: Have Offer Details Approved


The CR must approve the process, your candiate, and the proposed offer.

How to Do This:

Do this before telling the candidate about the offer.

        1. First Option: Bring the hiring process file to the CR or RD for him or her to go through and approve.  After reviewing the file, he/she can approve in one of two ways.

          The country program may have a special form for this approval.  If they do, use it.

          If there is no special form, you could instead draft an offer letter (Offer Letter Template) and have the CR sign that. His or her signature on the offer letter implies his/her approval of the process, candidate, and offer – as long as all those details are included in the letter.

        2. Second Option: If the CR or RD is not in the same office with all the hiring process documentation, you can use the form we’ve attached here, the Hiring Process Certification, rather than scanning and emailing copies of all the documentation. This will save time.

          If the CR signs the Certification document, the local head of office or other authority can sign the offer letter for the candidate.

          If you use the form, make sure to put the signed copy (or a scan of it) into the recruiting file for the position and the personnel file for the person you are hiring.

 Next Step:

Step 17:  Make the offer, negotiate, and sign the contract