Transport Administration

A collection of advice and tools for efficient vehicle management can be found here:

a) Vehicle Logs – Every vehicle, including rentals, must have a vehicle log that is filled out for every trip.

b) Vehicle Scheduling – Vehicle plan and request templates.

c) Vehicle Maintenance & Repair – Controls to limit fraud involving vehicle spare parts and maintenance management.

d) Vehicle Data Collection & Reporting – Instructions on the CRS-developed Vehicle Management System (VMS)

e) Vehicle Files – Each vehicle in your office, including rentals, should have its own file.

f) Accident/Road Crash & Incident Reporting – Accident report form template.

g) Vehicle Passenger Waiver–Template (Limitation de Responsabilité – Français) – Waiver for passengers who will be riding in CRS vehicles.

h) Authorization to Drive a CRS Vehicle and Disclaimer Form for Authorized Users of CRS Vehicle (English) and French

i) Vehicle Spare Parts Management System – Refer here if vehicle spare parts are kept in stock.

j) Vehicle Fuel Management System – Different option proposed based on different operational context:

k) Specifications for Key Accessories: Winch and Bull Bar, Heavy Duty Roof Rack, High Lift Jack, Vehicle Spare Parts Kits, Vehicle Tool Kit, First Aid Kit, Fire Extinguisher, Tow Rope.