Update Org Chart and Staffing Plan

Staffing in an emergency is a dynamic process. In these early days you should be re-examining the position designs and organizational structure every day.

But, as you make changes to either, make sure you consult and/or inform everyone involved.  There is no quicker way to increase stress on a team than to change things around and not tell the people who will be affected.

Below is the beginning of a list of people who will need to be consulted about and/or informed of changes:

  1. HR staff involved with finding people for vacant positions for which the responsibilities or level of authority has changed.
  2. The HoP, CR, MQC or other senior officials in the country program or region who might be overseeing the emergency response from afar.
  3. Staff who’s duties might change (either increase, decrease, or just change from one set of actions to another).
  4. Supervisors of staff whose duties might change.
  5. Supervisors who may no longer be supervising certain functions or people.
  6. Supervisors who may supervise new functions or people.