First Aid Kits

All vehicles should be equipped with first aid kits in case of emergency. If procuring for new vehicles, first aid kits can be added as an option.

Procurement location:  for vehicles already in country, First Aid Kit should be procured locally. Similar composition to the below list should be sought. Quality checks for all elements are essential for locally procured items.

Manufacturer link:

Manufacturer option code: FAK

Shipping details:  Shipped with newly purchased vehicle.

Contents (sized in 29cm x 18cm x 10cm box)

1x Guidance leaflet 1x Sterile adhesive dressing (20) Asst 4x Calico triangular bandages 2x Sterile eye dressing (8cm x 5cm) 4x Sterile medium dressing (12cmx12cm) 2x Sterile large dressing (18cm x 18cm) 1x Pocket mask (neck injuries/burns) 1x Safety pins (6) 3x Pairs medium latex gloves 1x Mouth shield5x Sterile 0.9% 20ml saline solution 2x Instant cold pack 1x Alcohol free wipes (pack of 10) 1x Splinters forceps – Martin’s Pattern 1x Tuff cut scissors ST/Steel 17cm 1x Foil blanket (to control shock) 1x Cool gel bottle 1x Water gel dressing 15cm x 5cm 1x Paracetamol 16 1x Wall bracket

Please find additional information regarding First Aid in the Health section of Safe & Sound, Chapter 6.

First Aid Supplies

It is highly recommended that CRS staff contact other medical NGO staff working near by or in country, the U.S. embassy medical officer or local medical personnel for a list of their recommended essential first aid supplies. For example, they may be able to appraise whether sutures or plasma should be on hand to bring to the local hospital in case of an emergency. The hospital may have qualified personnel but no supplies.

It is highly advisable that drivers/staff should go through a First Aid Training session