What to Look For in a Facility

You may not have a lot of time to look for place.  (See Three General Rules for Getting Space)

Even if you do have time, you may not have much to choose from.  Before selecting and setting up office or guest house, talk to your local staff and some trusted local contacts outside of CRS to find out the details of any local cultural or religious traditions that we must follow in our housing or office.

Additionally, when you do look at compounds, you’ll want to consider the issues on this list:  What to Look for in a Facility

Also see the attachment on Minimizing Stressors in Our Environments.  This lists the building standards that will help keep office and guest house stress to a minimum.

If you are looking for a guest house, make sure to also look at the section called Guest House Considerations.  For Guest Houses you should be considering all the things on this page, and the information on that page.

When you’ve found something to lease, go to the section on Leasing.