Storage Tank Kit – Specifications

Liner and accessories kit for water storage and trucking.

Storage Tank Kit

Oxfam Code:  T45L

Shipping and cost details:

Item Packaging Weight Dimensions Volume Cost
45 cubic meter storage tank kit One wooden crate 193 kg 136 x 87 x 82cm 907L $2,200


Item #
21m length of 12mm Ø split plastic capping 1
21m length of 25mm Ø split plastic capping 1
25mm Ø steel spring clips 60
Bag containing 350 M10 Ø x 20mm round head bolts, buts and washers 1
3” Ø BSP (F) brass gate valve 2
55m-roll 50mm wide cloth-based self-adhesive tape 2
3” Ø BSP (F) Table E flange assemblies c/w flanges, gaskets, studs, nuts and washers 3
1.4mm thick reinforced EPDM synthetic rubber tank liner 1
Liner repair kit 1
12m roll PTFE joining tape, 12mm wide 2
6mm Ø polypropylene rope, ultraviolet stabilized 100m
Steel pegs, 450mm long 14
17mm open-ended podger/spanner 2
Oxfam Water Storage Pack Manual 1