Dealing with Other Losses

There are two other causes of losses (besides damage)

Theft or Misuse

If goods are used for some reason other than the donor’s purpose, or used by people other than the people who were supposed to get them, we must treat the situation as theft.  Theft is a crime.

In cases of theft or fraud, you must report the loss to the owner of the stock, and have an investigation.  These are described in more detail as points 2 and 3 on the page about damaged goods.

In addition, CRS will discipline any employee involved in theft and consider filing criminal charges against the responsible parties.

If you suspect fraud or theft, you should immediately inform your supervisor and the CR.

CRS must seek legal counsel before lodging a legal case for fraud or theft, as soon as possible after the suspicion is raised.


Click here for an explanation of Best Used By dates and Expiration Dates.

Any stock that is past its expiry or ‘best use by’ date, or becomes degraded so that it is ineffective or potentially dangerous to use or keep must be treated in the same manner as damaged goods.

In addition to disposing of the stock properly, in this case the investigation must establish if the stock expired or rotted because we managed it badly, or happened despite the best efforts of the stock owner and warehouse management staff.