Shade Netting – Specifications

Shade netting is used in extremely hot, sunny locations where natural shade or shading from local materials is not an option. Can be used to shade shelters, work spaces or used in agriculture. Bulk purchases will usually be sold in rolls of 50m to be cut to need.

Procurement location: Local procurement may be possible. However, it will be necessary to ensure quality controls and have specification details from manufacturer. When buying in bulk, international suppliers are usually the best option.

Shipping and cost details:

Item Packaging Weight Dimensions Cost
Shade Netting 50m x 4m Roll 28 kg 4m length x 1.5m diameter $500


Shade Factor 70-80%
Material Polyethylene or Polypropylene; Aluminized if possible
Color Black
Warp fibers Round
Weft fibers Flat
Construction Knitted is stronger than woven; If woven, “full-lockstitch”
Warp spacing 5mm or less
Eyelets Reinforced, two parallel bands, 2m spacing
Tensile strength 450N/5cm
Tear resistance 100N trouser method
Minimum weight 140g/square meter

Note:  Dark green, black or beige shade netting may have military associations. The potential risks for this association should be assessed when determining color.