Track Contract Expiration

In the beginning of an emergency, even the regular hires are probably on short term contracts.  You need to keep track of when the contracts expire.

Assign someone the task of keeping track of which contracts expire when  – and notifying supervisors ahead of time.   Remind supervisors of expiration dates far enough in advance that they have time to assess whether or not they want to renew a contract, and time to find replacements for those people who will not be staying on.

Tools:  The person doing the tracking can make a Ganntt chart with all the contract expiration dates and then look at it each week to see which ones will expire soon and notify the supervisors.  We’ve attached a version of a template for you to amend as needed:

    1. Contract Expiration Tracking Table, with a Saturday-Sunday Weekend

Or, the HR staff person (or whoever is handling HR functions) and the supervisor could enter the expiration dates in their Outlook calendars as appointments, with reminders for themselves two or three weeks ahead of the expiration date.

IMPORTANT:  Find out about local labor laws.  They sometimes limit the number of times  a short-term contract can be renewed before a person is automatically considered a regular employee under the law.